100 Day Challenge

Mid January I decided to do a challenge.  Wool& company is a company based in selling wool products.  And I do love my wool.  Well, you buy one of their dresses and wear it 100 days straight and you get a coupon to apply to another purchase on their site.  100 days.  Wearing the same dress.  Hmmmm.  Yes I work remotely so I wasn't worried about what anyone would say if they even noticed.  But 100 days.  in the same ANYTHING sounds a bit crazy.  I kept thinking.  I've cleaned out my closet due to losing a lot of weight.  But I still had, what to me is a lot of clothes.  Could I really wear the same dress that long?  But I signed up.  I picked an ocean teal v necked, 3/4 sleeve swing dress.  It is made of 78% wool and 22% nylon.  It felt like a cozy knit tshirt.  Light yet warm.  Very easy to wear.  And off I went. 


Each day part of the challenge is that you take a picture to record your journey.  That became the hardest part of the challenge!  Those 100 pictures are more pictures of me than in the last 8 years!  I TAKE pictures, I'm not IN pictures.  That is another story that needs changing.  But I moved along.  Pulling out cardigans, wearing silk scarves for the first time (and loving them), styling it in ways I would not have considered before.  I wore tights most of the time and even here in MN I was warm and toasty through our long cold winter, in a DRESS. 

People warned of feeling burned out around the 40 day mark.  I never did.  To me it felt no different than wearing a pair of blue jeans with a different top every day.  It rekindled my love of dresses.  Much more comfortable than pants.  And I looked way more pulled together in my dress then in my more common lounge wear!  Wool is amazing, stain resistant, odor resistant, no wrinkles, and have I mentioned I have a dog?  A dog who sheds?  Who sheds A LOT?  Ya, the dog hair never stuck either.  Because I was going to wear it all the time, I took good care of it.  Out came the full aprons when I was cooking.  (ok and when I was eating, I spill a lot too)  Some people rarely washed it.  I would hang it up in an extra room, under a slow moving ceiling fan to get plenty of ventilation all night.  I washed my dress about every two weeks.  Not because I noticed an issue, but because I thought I surely SHOULD be washing it!  I got more compliments wearing "the" dress than I've gotten in a long time. 

The purpose is to remind ourselves we don't always need more.  That spending money on a quality item is much better long term then buying 5 cheap things that wear out easily and get tossed in the landfills.  I'm a knitter and spinner.  I'm all about slow fashion.  And I've moved from the how cheap can I get it box to I will save and buy a really good item that will last me for years.  I may have to save to do it, but in the long run, I am really saving more than money.  At the end of my 100 days, I sent away for my coupon and turned around and bought a dark coraly pink sleeveless dress for summer.  It is a wonderful addition to my wardrobe.  I continue to pair it down.  I won't ever have a capsule wardrobe, but I will work towards getting rid of over 50% of what I currently have.  And I don't think I will miss it.  What about you?  Can you do a 100 challenge?  Let me know!

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