A Bright Shiny New Year

When a new year stretches in front of me, it can be daunting, filled with doubt and unease with the unknown potentially barreling down at me.  But it is also something fresh and open and unwritten on.  I'm trying to focus on the fresh and open!  Hopefully I can dodge whatever is barreling down at me if I chose to. 

For me, January is filled with making plans, setting up schedules, and shows.  And I think I have the bulk of my show schedule figured out for 2023.  I'm looking at 7 shows this year.  That is a good number for me.  Much more than that is very stressful.  I always want to have a good selection of my handspun yarns at my shows, but that is a challenge.  So I try and balance my shows with what I realistically think I can spin. 

This is Angry Nancy, feisty name for a gorgeous yarn. 

I just finalized my show schedule for 2023, I have seven shows this year.  Follow my posts, Facebook (KnittingMyWayHome), and Instagram (@knittingmywayhome) and you can see where I am.  The first one isn't until the end of March, Heartland FiberPalooza in Winterset, Iowa.  Then there is a slight break until Mothers Day Weekend in May, Shepherd's Harvest at the Lake Elmo Fairgrounds.  I will post others as the get closest but because I'm so excited, I will tell you I am going to be at Estes Park in Colorado in June!  New show for me and I'm very excited.

This winter is proving to be a very snowy one in Minnesota.  I live in the Twin Cities and we are within a couple inches of our YEARLY snow fall amount already.  Oh boy.  The snowbanks are very tall right now.  Taking my dog Margo out for a walk and it is like walking down a tunnel as the banks are over her head!  But I will admit the snow is pretty.  And being that I work remotely and don't have to commute every day makes it much easier.

I'm currently working on new shawl called Spiraling Cables Triangle by Stephen West.  I love it.  As my yarn is a thinner weight than what the pattern calls for I'm just continuing to knit as I need it much bigger.  Not a huge chore though, I love my yarn!  Come to a show and you will see it as a new sample in my booth!

In any event, must keep spinning!

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