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I've always had a list of finished yarns that I use to track things during the year.  But nothing elaborate.  Have you met me?  Simple and functional is the best!  Well I'm trying to track things a bit better this year.  Just for my own information.  I'm trying to track how many skeins I spin per month and an average amount of time I spend spinning during the month.  I still have time this month, but so far I've spun 12 skeins with six days left.  I hopefully will get at least 2 more skeins, possibly 3 done.  Which means I just updated the shop today with several skeins. 
Like this.  Meet Angry Nancy.  Much prettier than her name suggests.  
Then there is Mallard.  Two skeins of a deep greeny teal, semi solid. It was a hard color capture on film and I totally did not do it justice.  I really like using a semisolid mixed with a variegated colorway.  It often makes the variegated colors pop more.  And the "background" doesn't look so flat to me.
I also decided to put up four skeins of a colorway I used to knit up a long cowl, The Crazed Scandinavian Cowl (there is a kit for the Cowl already in the shop too).  I noticed people were picking up those skeins until they realized it was for a kit, so welcome to the shop, here is Uranus.  It is a long color gradient.  Deep saturated colors of black, navy, sky blue and magenta.  I paired it with grey for the cowl kit, but I think it could stand on its own as well as pair with something else like white.  I bet that would give a stain glass effect. 
I hope you take the time to pop over to my shop ( and look things over.  If you are a first time shopper there is a coupon awaiting your first purchase!  And if you have been thinking about it, I finished a yarn kit for Evenstar.  That is there as well.  smile...

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