Steps in making a project


For most  people when they see a new pattern/project they want to work on, they do a couple things, check their stash or head to their local yarn shop and get the yarn needed, head home and in pretty short order  you can be knitting your next perfect thing.  My process may be a bit different than most.  When I see a project I want to do, I too check my stash, but most likely it means looking through my fiber braids stash first.  Then if I'm lucky, I can start spinning.  Days later, I can maybe start knitting.  If the project takes some serious yardage, I usually have to order the perfect fiber braids from one of the many favorite fiber artists I buy from.  Whoo hoo!  There it is, perfect color, perfect base, and even more precious, the amount I estimate I will need to spin the required yardage.  And oh ya, because it is handspun, just a wee bit more as insurance because I don't know about you, but playing yarn chicken with the last precious bit of your yarn when it is handspun and no more fiber available?  Ya that is stressful.  Fiber ordered and shortly later, arrives.  If all things are in order, you have empty bobbins and you start spinning.  Days later (how many depends on how much yarn is needed) you finish spinning and now, FINALLY you can start knitting.  But you have to fit in that knitting along with the usual amount of spinning you need in order to build up your finished yarn inventory, for the online shop or the next in person fiber fest.  Then there is your regular life.  I have a regular job during the day.  Meaning my spinning and hopefully knitting is relegated to evenings and weekends.  Ahh the frustration of so few hours being allocated to your favorite things.  

This time of year is so much fun for me though.  Because all my fiber fests for the year are done.  My first fiber fest of 2023 is not until the end of March.  So I have MONTHS available to spin (and knit).  Absolutely sheer joy my friends. 

So my next project that I am spinning for is this.  This is called Spiraling Cables Triangle by Stephen West.  I have the most perfect medly of blues/rusts/maroons that will be a perfect varigeated yarn for the back ground.  I should have that finished in a couple days (again if the yardage works out).  So I check and how in the world do I not have any white fiber!  sigh.  So I ordered fiber last night (hi Greenwood Fibers!  It's me again) and hopefully it will arrive this week right as I'm finished spinning the blues.  So if I'm really lucky, maybe early next week I will get to start knitting this lovely shawl.  How I love shawls.  Stay tuned!




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